ФИРЭ: Передача и поиски межзвёздных радиопосланий (ссылки)

Передача и поиски межзвёздных радиопосланий

Отклики в СМИ и Интернете

  1. «Послание в никуда»
  2. «Абонент временно недоступен...»
  3. «Послание внеземным цивилизациям»
  4. «ET phone home Ukraine space center reaches out across the cosmos»
  5. «Cosmic Call to Send Earthly Message to Five Stars»
  6. «Из Евпатории внеземным цивилизациям направлен привет от планеты Земля»
  7. «Из Евпатории отправлено очередное послание внеземным цивилизациям»
  8. «Из Евпатории отправлено послание внеземным цивилизациям»
  9. «Семь крымских дел профессора Зайцева»
  10. «Craigslist gets beamed into space»
  11. «Великое молчание»
  12. «Инопланетянам дали послушать Бетховена»
  13. «Простая разгадка молчания инопланетян»
  14. «Благая весть для инопланетян»
  15. «Внеземной восторг»
  16. Астрофорум, раздел «Вселенная, Жизнь, Разум»
  17. What are the chances of Aliens sniffing us out?
  18. SETI’s Paradox and the Great Silence
  19. Overflow Thread: SETI's Paradox
  20. It's Good to Talk
  21. Meet the neighbours: Is the search for aliens such a good idea?
  22. SETI’s Dilemma: Break the Great Silence?
  23. Die Außerirdischen (1/2) Die Außerirdischen (2/2)
  24. Избранные места из переписки с инопланетянами
  25. Who Speaks for Earth?
  26. SETI's Paradox and the Great Silence 2
  27. Should We Shout into the Darkness?
  28. Calls Into the Cosmos
  29. Aliens More Likely to Pick Up Our NEO Radar Transmissions than Radio
  30. Degrees of Visibility
  31. Is Active SETI a Smart First Move or Potentially Dangerous?
  32. Earth 'noise' could attract alien invaders
  33. Mirrors on the Moon as a Galactic Greeting Card - A Smart Move?
  34. Overcome the Great Silence
  35. Translation of "Overcome The Great Silence!"
  36. Вышел фильм о посланиях инопланетному разуму
  37. Toward an Active SETI
  38. ET stay home
  39. Hello, is anybody out there?
  40. Bebo tries to contact Earth-like planet
  41. Українці відправлять в космос сигнал від інтернет користувачів.
  42. British Astronomer Warns Of Alien Attack!
  43. Calling All Aliens!
  44. Hostile Aliens
  45. Paris SETI Conference at UNESCO
  46. Star wars: who are we inviting in from the cold?
  47. Внеземное притяжение
  48. Messages From Earth Beamed to Alien World
  49. ET: Be My Friend!
  50. Симпозиум SETI в ЮНЕСКО
  51. USA Today: «Quest to find life beyond Earth gets technological boosts»
  52. Craigslist gets beamed into space
  53. SETI@home: Game, SETI, METI? err…match
  54. Should We Shout into the Darkness?
  55. Internet messages bound for space
  56. How messages are sent to space
  57. The METI Controversy Pro & Con: Is Detection by an Exo Civilization a Threat to Earth?
  58. Mirrors on the Moon as a Galactic Greeting Card -A Galaxy Classic
  59. McFly to launch messages to space
  60. Star wars: who are we inviting in from the cold?
  61. Is Active SETI a Smart First Move or Potentially Dangerous?
  62. Extraterrestials Will Give Us a Battery Soon
  63. Theremin Events
  64. Exolanguage: do you speak alien? (PDF file)
  65. Earth calling: A short history of radio messages to ET
  66. Hello ET, we come in peace
  67. Oops, that was a bad call, Earth
  68. What if the aliens decide they don’t like us?
  69. Don’t talk to aliens, warns Stephen Hawking
  70. Stephen Hawking on ET: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
  71. Stephen Hawking takes a hard line on aliens
  72. SETI: Cosmic Call
  73. SETI: Terminating the transmission
  74. «Позвольте представиться: земляне!»
  75. «Проект ACADEMIA»
  77. «Шанс для внеземного разума»
  78. Um, if we get ET on the line, what will we say?
  79. Phoning ET
  80. What to do if we find extraterrestrial life
  81. «Вызываем огни на себя»
  82. Science: Transmission mission
  83. SETI – should we transmit?
  84. More On The Risks of Evil Aliens
  85. A Dialogue on SETI
  86. Земляне завлекают пришельцев классической музыкой
  87. Extraterrestrial DJs: spinning tunes for the stars (LISTEN)
  88. The Pros and Cons of METI
  89. SETI: The Michaud/Cooper Dialogue
  90. What do you know about the paradox of the Great Silence?
  91. «А может, сигнал от внеземных цивилизаций уже обнаружен?»
  92. Prof. A. Zaitsev in Sicily
  93. Conferenza del Prof. Alexander Zaitsev, Messina 28 maggio 2011
  94. Conferenza del Prof. Alexander Zaitsev, Sant'Agata li Battiati (CT) 30 maggio 2011
  95. Divulgazione in Sicilia
  96. "What Is METI?"
  97. Knowledge Map “Interstellar Messaging”
  98. You Never Get a Seventh Chance to Make a First Impression: An Awkward History of Our Space
  99. Как построить радиомаяк для инопланетян
  100. The Drake Equation: All in the family
  101. Impact of technological synchronicity on prospects for CETI
  102. Hei di lassÙ, buon anno...
  103. The Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) and Whether to Send "Messages" (METI)
  104. Who Speaks for Earth? The Controversy over Interstellar Messaging
  105. METI und Active SETI
  106. The difference between SETI and METI
  107. SETI, METI and the paradox of extraterrestrial life: is there a libertarian perspective?
  108. The Drake Equation: Estimating the Prevalence of Extraterrestrial Life through the Ages
  109. Should We Broadcast? And What If We Find Life in the Solar System?
  110. Where Is Everybody?
  111. Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CETI)
  112. Are we screwing ourselves by transmitting radio signals into space?
  113. How To Build a Beacon


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