FIRE RAS: Laboratory of Microwave Properties of Ferromagnetics
Laboratory of Microwave Properties of Ferromagnetics
Main Scientific Directions of Investigations:
  • We investigate a propagation, reflection, refraction, diffraction, focusing and transformation of electromagnetic waves in ferrite films at microwaves and wave’s properties, physical laws, phenomena and effects.
  • We study various kinds of electromagnetic waves, such as magnetostatic waves (MSW), exchange spin waves (SW), magneto-acoustic and magneto-elastic waves, their dispersion dependencies, mode structure, orientation of group velocity and wave vector, losses, AFC, FFC, delay time, beam paths, nonlinear processes.
  • We use and design different media: ferrite films, slabs and based on ferrite two- and multilayered structure, including layers of metal, dielectric, semiconductor, high temperature superconductor and various composite materials (such as media with negative permeability or permittivity or layers, providing “magnetic wall” conditions), layers, containing periodical system of elements and periodical systems of various nonuniformities (domain structure, metal gratings, periodic variation of thickness, lattice of Abrikosov’s vortexes, periodic nonuniformities of bias magnetic field or magnetization and many kinds of artificial materials, named usually photonic, phononic, magnonic, photonic-magnonic and phononic-magnonic crystals).
  • We investigate phase transitions and states of magnetic materials, an absorption of electromagnetic waves from space by the various media.
  • Analogue signal processing and microwave devices are our interest. Results of our investigations are applied by designers of microwave devices to create delay lines, filters and filter banks, using magnetostatic waves.
Laboratory Head:

Edwin H. Lock, PhD, senior researcher.

Laboratory staff:

major researchers, professors, DSc - 2, leading researcher, DSc -1, senior researchers, PhD - 3, researchers, PhD – 1, researchers– 1, engineers and technical workers – 3.